Bob Naugler

Born in Bridgewater, raised in New Ross, currently resides in the Halifax area.

Early influence was folk and country music with family members strongly tied to the country scene in Nova Scotia and abroad, including country blues legend Hank Snow. Later influences were The Rolling Stones, John Kay & Steppenwolf, Charlie Musselwhite, and several others.

Received training in classical guitar, and then blues and rock guitar.

Received training in blues harmonica.

Appeared in a jam band in high school. In later years, performed and sang with various rock bands on the South Shore, and then in Halifax.

Formed and managed the Midtown Blues Band in late 2002, and played the local club scene.

Over the past 10+ years, performed at several festivals including the Halifax Biker Bash, Smokin’Blues Fest, Lockport Blues Festival and Pembroke Blues Fest, to name a few.

Performed on stage with local favourites Theresa Malenfant & The Instigators, The Sam Moon Band, Rick Edgett, Jimmy White (Peppertree), Gordon Albert Tucker, Doris Mason, Shirley Jackson, and others.

For more than 15 years, has written and composed many songs, of which 10 are now featured on the debut CD “The Midtown Man”.

Building my own recording studio, and received instruction and training from Paul Milner of Shell Lane Studio during the recording of my debut CD.

Lead vocalist; plays acoustic/electric and slide guitar, and harmonica.

Bob is proud to use Seydel harmonicas during performances with “Bob Naugler & The Midtown Blues Band”.

Eddy Loughlin (Lead / Vocals and Background Vocals)

Eddy grew up in the Cornerbrook area in Newfoundland.

He is a lead guitarist, singer and songwriter.
On stage with Chris LeDrew, Traveling Blueberries, and others in Newfoundland; Woodrose and the Haze, 5 Bucks, and Eddy and the Fastbacks here in Nova Scotia. Has also played onstage in PEI.
He joined the Midtown Blues Band in 2017 and is the lead guitarist and singer with the band.

Rus Winham (Bass and Back-up Vocals)
Rus was born in North Carolina, and transplanted to Nova Scotia as a child.
He has been playing guitar, bass and harmonica on and off since his teens.
He started playing shows regularly with various bands in the South Shore area of Nova Scotia when he settled there in 1999.
The blues has always been the mainstay of his sound, despite forays into rock, celtic, and lately reggae music.
He also builds, repairs and modifies tube amplifiers and music electronics, which brought him into contact with Bob Naugler.
If you've heard Bob, then you've heard some of Rus' work already.
And now he's proud to add his bass playing and backing vocals to Bob's sound.

Mark Mitchell (Drums / Back-up Vocals)
Mark grew up in a very large family where music was a big part of his daily life.
He picked up his first set of drumsticks at age 12 and started playing snare drum in a marching band.
The desire to learn more about drumming led to lessons from a family friend with a beautiful set Ludwig Super Classic Drums.
After joining the Navy, there were always a lot of talented players that gave Mark a wide access to various genres of music.
Many "Ships Bands" were formed during trips away and gave Mark the opportunity to play in clubs around Europe, and the Mid-East.
Most memorable occasion being in Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, at the Seafarers Club, where he was able to perform for a crowd of Ex Patriot Canadians.
Has had the pleasure of opening for a few acts, including Honeymoon Suite, & Glass Tiger, at the Atlantic Fleet Club
After retiring from the Navy he continued to play with different groups around the city; most notably Speedbump, and The Lime Ricky Band
After taking a break from gigging for a few years, (but never stopped playing) he's back with the Midtown Blues Band, looking forward to getting back on stage and entertaining the crowds again.

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